Hanuman's Birth and Childhood

Hanuman born to Anjana and Kesari as a result of Lord Shiva's blessings

Hanuman's deep devotion to Lord Shiva even as a child.

His devotion to Lord Rama was evident from his youth, as he carved Rama's name on rocks with his tiny nails.

Hanuman's childhood was influenced by Guru Surya (the Sun God), who taught him valuable lessons.

Lord Brahma blessed Hanuman with the boon of immortality, ensuring his eternal presence in Hindu mythology.

Hanuman's birth and childhood set the stage for a lifelong journey of unwavering devotion and extraordinary deeds.

Even as a child, Hanuman displayed remarkable feats like swallowing the sun, thinking it was a fruit.

Anjana instilled devotion and virtue in young Hanuman, shaping his character from an early age.

Hanuman's childhood was marked by playful antics, including mistaking the sun for a fruit and leaping to catch it.